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To say I'm grateful would be an Understatement

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

After the loss of my little dog, Sophie in 2014 and the challenges life has thrown my way; I

decided I couldn’t have a pet. My home was destroyed by water damage in July of 2016, and

while ill, I assigned my insurance benefits to a ‘reputable’ contractor who took the money and left my place in shambles. I felt broken and defeated. I now I had to restore my home by myself which left very little time or money to entertain the idea of taking on the responsibility of a pet. So I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. I worked day and night

with the assistance of a helper on the occasional weekend and the amazing encouragement of

family and friends, and nearly completed the restoration.

On December 10th 2017 I was returning from a hardware store when I saw a small object

ahead of me about to step out onto a busy four-lane highway. There would be no chance this

little creature would live five minutes out there. I slammed on my brakes, flung open the car

door and grabbed this little furbaby. She was bald from the middle of her back to her hind

legs and covered in sores. Her nails had grown so long that they curled up under her paws,

and several had begun to cut into her paws making it nearly impossible for her to walk.

I searched for her owner and found her, but my friend said I could not allow this sweet thing

to go back to the negligent environment, but I had to see what the problem was. When I

arrived, I discovered the woman had been ill and could no longer care for her pet. I turned to

my friend with tears streaming down my face and back to the woman, and I said, “I will care

for her.” The lady gave me the pups records and the permission to keep her.

After sitting up all night with this poor creature in my arms, the next morning I took her to the Vet, and we began the road to recovery. Never in my wildest imagination had I expected to receive such a gift, but not only did I rescue sweet Miss Lily Ann, but she rescued me. How could I think of what I had been through after seeing the horror she had endured. What an

amazing Blessing she has been.

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