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Madison Hart Mysteries

Book1 Beyond Secrets, The Art of Murder

The tenacious, young FBI Agent, Madison Hart returns to her hometown believing she is going to be investigating a missing person’s case. Little does she know the trail is leading her into the depths of someone’s dark obsession…and murder.

She teams up with Detective Josh Logan of the Maitland Police Department. Their working relationship is threatened by her drive to solve the case and her strong will, but they soon develop an unstoppable partnership to get to the bottom of who is responsible for these killings.

The leads are mounting as fast as the body count, and the closer Madison gets to the truth, the more her life is in danger. Amazon click here to order

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Book 2 Beneath Secrets

The young, tenacious Madison Hart had plans to return to her job as a Criminal Investigator and Profiler with the FBI. It isn’t until she is about to leave for DC, does a new opportunity land in her lap. 

This bizarre case will shake the very core of her quiet hometown of Maitland, Florida. Never in her career has she come across such a twisted, complex but intriguing case. This might be the one mystery that will leave Madison with more questions than answers. 

Once again, she is partnered with the dynamic, sexy Detective Josh Logan. But their tenuous relationship is threatened by her burning drive to solve this case, and she could risk losing the only man that has ever understood her.

As Madison gets closer to unearthing the truth and exposing who is responsible for the evil deeds,  her relentless pursuit just might get her killed. 

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Book 3 The Dark Side of Secrets

Madison Hart struggles to juggle her life as an FBI Agent and a Private Investigator as she teams up with Detective Josh Logan of the Maitland Police Department.  What seems to be a simple case of a missing young woman soon escalates into a complex trail of greed, secrets, and murder. Investigating this crime has Madison questioning the direction she wants to pursue, not only professionally, but personally.

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Book 4 Behind Secrets, Murder in Maitland

The unrelenting, gun-slinging FBI Criminal Investigator, Madison Hart, finds herself questioning her past as she investigates a murdered couple in her hometown of Maitland, Florida.  Close friends of her family, whom she had known most of her life are killed only minutes from their home. Solving this case is personal for Madison, but uncovering what lies behind the secrets of their past may shatter the truth and memories of her own.

Once again Madison teams up with Detective Josh Logan, but she finds their relationship is getting in the way of her drive to find the killer. Will she find what she’s looking for in the past before she loses what’s right in front of her?

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Book 5 Veil of Secrets, Murder Unearthed


Madison Hart and Detective Josh Logan find themselves spinning in a veil of secrets, deception, and murder as they try to unravel the motive behind a series of bizarre murders.

The killer’s skills of masking their identity only complicate the case. Madison’s obsession with solving this crime not only threatens her health as she struggles to focus in the face of difficulties she encountered during her recovery after a near-death gunshot wound. But if she persists, her relationship with the one man who understands her could be in jeopardy.

In all her years as an FBI Investigator and Criminal Profiler, Madison has never encountered such a complex case. As she and Josh slowly uncover the lives of each of the victims, the case grows more complicated, and the clues lead them down endless dead ends. However, just as Madison believes the killer might get away with the crimes does the veil begin to shred, revealing the motive and the true identity of who committed these murders.

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Book 6 - In The Shadow of Secrets, Murder Hides


Madison feels the constant presence of someone close, watching her every move. Is someone stalking her and why? Could someone from Madison’s past be seeking revenge because of a case she solved or is this totally unrelated?

As Madison and Josh try to unravel the puzzle behind the killer who hides in the shadows, they risk their future together. Someone wants one of them dead and the other to suffer. Madison can feel the looming shadow closer with each day, and he always seems to be one step ahead of her and Josh as they struggle to piece together the clues and evidence to reveal a profile of the murderer.  Will her hard work be in vain? Will she and Josh catch this psychopathic murderer before he turns the tables on them, making one of them his final victim?

Time is quickly ticking away, and Madison and Josh are running out of time.

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Book 7 - Silent Secrets, Cry Murder


Madison Hart struggles to regain her life after her near-death encounter at the hands of the man who vowed to get his revenge for the death of his brother.

What she believes to be a case of arson soon develops into a complicated case of murder, money, and greed. Believing she is well enough to return to her job as an investigator, she accepts the challenge of this case. Along with her partner, Josh Logan they discover there is much more to this crime. The body counts grow as this well-organized killer spans from county to county leading Madison and Josh on a path of a murderer who will stop at nothing to find what he’s looking for. Little does he understand the complex workings of the mind of Madison Hart, a trained FBI Criminal Profiler who will reveal his secrets and will not rest in her pursuit to stop him and uncover the silent secrets that cry murder. 

As Madison and her team gather evidence and follow the leads, the pieces of the puzzle begin to form a crime that will take them into the dark underworld of corruption and murder…

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Book 8 - Blind Secrets, Reveal Murder

During a stand-off with a killer who almost ended Detective Josh Logan’s life with a gunshot wound to the chest, Agent Madison Hart rushes into the room as Josh slumps to the floor. The murderer turns and draws his weapon on Madison but she doesn’t hesitate, she fires the kill-shot.

When Josh gets discharged from the hospital, Madison brings him home to recover but becomes worried when a double suicide crosses the desk of Josh’s partner, Detective Danny Crews. She knows that like herself, Josh was meant to uncover the truth of any crime.

Madison receives a call from her friend, Anne Gunter, a psychic who lives in Cassadaga, Florida that the case might not be what it appears. Madison knows if Josh gets wind of this, he might try to interject himself into the case before the doctor clears him to return to work.

Once the coroner, Doctor Webb presents his report on the cause of deaths to the Police Department; there will be no way Josh is going to sit behind a desk while his partner, Detective Crews, and the Hart Agency pursue the leads.

In spite of what the Police Department believes happened to the couple, Madison is haunted by where the evidence is leading. Were these deaths the results of a double suicide… or was it murder?

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Jordon Hunt Mysteries

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Book 1 - One Last Whisper

The feisty redheaded forensic pathologist Doctor Jordon Hunt encounters unusual cases of seemingly unrelated murders of young women. Jordon’s profiling background tells her there is only one murderer responsible in these cases. She just hasn’t connected the dots yet. Working with a team of Detectives and following the leads, she discovers more than she bargained for. The closer she gets to the truth, the closer her own life is in peril as she narrows down who the suspect is. Her findings may come at a heavy cost as she falls prey as the killer’s next victim.

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More Mysteries by DB Jones

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The Woman Behind The Glass Wall

“All I can hear is the gentle sound of the rain hitting against the metal awning outside my window. For most people it would be comforting, even relaxing, but not for me. It just reminds me of the day my life changed forever.”

Sydney Parker sits in her wheelchair day after day, leaning against her glass wall interacting with the lives of those on the other side, but only through her imagination. Sydney’s self-imposed glass prison gives her a glimpse of what life could be like, but the hidden fears trapped within won’t let her explore the possibilities. That is, not until Doctor Jacob Thornhill steps into her life and changes everything.

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Nights of Autumn

Life will never be the same for Autumn Burns after the death of her beloved fiance’, David. But a new life in a quiet little town on the banks of the river just might be what she was looking for until she finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery.

Unable to face the friends or places that remind her of her dead fiancé, the once fun loving 25-year-old Autumn makes her move to the quiet little town in the mountains of Massachusetts to start over. Her self-imposed confinement goes according to plan. That is, until she witnesses a man tossing a body into the river. The killer turns towards her…and their eyes lock.

But there's more to this story as Autumn is surrounded by the spirits of those who lost their lives along the shores of the river. They are desperately trying to tell her something that may save her life…if only she could hear them.

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Storms of Winter

Winter Hart visits in a small, mysterious town nestled beneath the palms and Live Oaks of central Florida.

She cautiously walks up the crumbling steps leading to the massive hand-carved, ornate door that once welcomed guests to lavished galas, but now the halls behind those doors, sit silently empty.

Winter is unwavering in her quest to find the answers to what really happened so long ago. But she may find more than she bargained for...for the past holds many secrets, and there are those who will kill for them, and anyone who gets in their way…including Winter!

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Young Adult Fantasy 

The Willow Trilogy


This enchanted vivid fantasy of a young woman leads her on a path she never imagined. Willow spends hours gazing into the water and then one night she catches an image of a beautiful woman who appears just beneath the surface. From that moment on, Willow’s life is changed forever. Frightened at first, Willow will soon rise to meet the challenges she's faces as she attempts to decide to which world she truly belongs. Her fate and the fate of her worlds just may depend on it.


Travel with Willow through magical worlds as she discovers a great evil that lies beneath the Endless Waters. An evil so terrifying it has been sealed in the underworld for over a thousand years and if escapes, could annihilate the sea kingdom and shift the balance of life forever. The beast is awakened and has heard that the sea kingdom is now ruled by the new Goddess of the Sea, Willow, who possesses great powers. He begins to plot his freedom only to discover this Goddess is no ordinary creature.

Willow unlocks the great powers that were given to her by the ancients but not even they could imagine such magic exist until she reveals them in her attempt to save her worlds. 


Willow has transformed from the shy young girl who lived with her family on land, to the most powerful being in the endless waters, the Goddess of the sea. She is an ongoing mystery that not even the most powerful souls in the land of the ancients can understand. With each challenge she faces to secure the balance of her worlds, Willow discovers laden powers within her that have been passed down since the beginning of time.
She struggles with the sacrifices she must make for the survival of not only the clans of the sea kingdom but those who dwell on the land. Her decisions will affect all those she loves and cherish and could change the destiny of her worlds and alter its existence for all eternity. It’s not until she learns the truth about who she is that the greatest task before her becomes clear. 

Holding Onto Us Christmas Trilogy
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Tommy O’Conner loves only one girl, Devyn Murray. He has loved her since the first day he saw her coming down the halls of the Bath County High School. Her flowing red curls cascading down her back and the smile on her face immediately captured his heart.

Tommy lives on the other side of the track with his alcoholic single mother who works as a waitress in a little café. Devyn’s parents, George and Susan Murray are not about to let their only child end up with this boy who they feel has nothing to offer their daughter. However, even her parents can not keep them apart. Tommy and Devyn struggle to hold onto what they believe is a love that can withstand all adversities.

Follow the challenges, tears, joys and love with Tommy and Devyn in the Holding Onto Us Christmas Trilogy and see if their love can overcome all the challenges that threaten to keep them apart.

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