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Reflections in the Mirror

Earlier in 2020, we went about our daily lives the same way we always had. We were comfortable in our way of life. It was normal. Then suddenly, a plague swept across the land. We faced a Pandemic that infected over a million people, bringing sickness and killing those we love, then massive wildfires ravaged the landscapes. But that wasn’t the worst. Our humanity slowly began to deteriorate into fractions of hatred and separation from others unlike ourselves. Hatred and divisiveness erupted from our being like a volcano spewing its lava, burning everything it touched. Who do we blame for the ugliness that arose from within our being? We frantically look to others to blame. “It’s his fault; it’s her fault; it’s their fault! Only when we see the reflection in the mirror and accept our responsibility, do we begin to heal. We cannot recover as a nation until we first heal ourselves.

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