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Two years in the waiting.

The last few years have been a rollercoaster of events, emotions, and challenges.

I sold my home in Virginia and moved back to Florida and into the home I had been rebuilding for three years due to flooding. It was a fabulous place, but it wasn’t what I needed.

I found a townhome at the end of a quiet street. The street was shaded by a canopy of oak trees. It was quiet. I could sit on my patio and not hear the roar of the highway. I was settling in with my sister who retired and moved in with me. Life was good, but I still couldn’t write.

Less than a year later I bought the home across the street hoping to do a vacation rental but quickly found out the HOA wouldn’t allow it, so my sister moved in until we could decide what to do.

Soon after that, Covid-19 hit the nation, the stock market fell, and our country was tossed into political turmoil. The whole world was suffering. I tried to write, but all I could do was swallow the emotions of worry for my family. The thought of losing another family member was too much. The worry stifled any possible chance of me being creative.

Things were just getting back to normal when I tore the Meniscus in my knee. Walking was excruciating so I sat.

One day I opened my computer and it hit me. A new book was emerging. The title popped into my head, and the rest of the story followed. I did not stop writing until I wrote, “The End.”

It’s not only a new book but a new series and I couldn’t be more excited.

Coming Soon ~ One Last Whisper, A Jordon Hunt Mystery

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